Upcoming Bookstore Events

Wednesday, June 18th: Young Adult Fiction: University of Montana MFA alumna author Rachel Toor reads from On the Road to Find Out.  7 pm.

Thursday, June 19th: Nonfiction: Richard Manning reads from his new book, Go Wild: Free Your Body and Mind from the Afflictions of Civilization7 pm.

Tuesday, June 24th: Poetry: Luc Phinney reads from his new collection, Compass. 7 pm.

Tuesday, July 8th: Poetry: Zachary Schomburg reads from his new collection, The Book of Joshua, with   Mathais Svalina7 pm.

Wednesday, July 9th: Poetry: Keetje Kuipers, author of The Keys to the Jail, and Kevin Goodan read from new work. 7 pm.

Thursday, July 10th: Mystery/Thriller: Tom Lukas reads from his new book  Special Operations7 pm.

Tuesday, July 15th: Nonfiction/Montana: Bryce Andrews reads from Badluck Way: A Year on the Ragged Edge of the West. 7 pm.

Thursday, July 17th: Memoir: Big Fork author Laura Barrett reads from What is More Real Than a Dream? 7 pm.

Monday, August 4th: Nonfiction/Nature: Great Falls authors Carol Bradley (Last Chain on Billie) and Jamie Ford (Songs of Willow Frost) read from their new books. 7 pm.

Monday, August 11th: Nonfiction: The Minimalists Everything That Remains Tour7 pm.

Wednesday, August 20th: Poetry: Matt Pasca and Terri Muss share new work. 7 pm.

Wednesday, August 27th: Nonfiction: Montana State Professor Bill Wyckoff shares his new book How to Read the American West: A Field Guide7 pm.


Please join us!



2014 Readings

Foothills Press Reading with Mark Gibbons, Sheryl Noethe, David E. Thomas, Jennifer Finley, Cedar Brant and Monty Campbell Jr.
Aaron Parrett
BJ Soloy
Bridget Carson
Megan Gannon
Molly Caro May
Michael Earl Craig
Saif Alsaegh
Kate Lebo
Gwen Florio
Brian Blanchfield
Alice Bolin
Anne Marie Wirth Cauchon
Lehua Taitano
Thinking Its Presence Conference
Craig Lancaster
Adrianne Harun
Peter Stark
Walter Kirn
April Wilder
Ellen Welcker
Megan M. Garr
David L. Moore
Gary Lundy

2013 Readings

Richard Drake
Shawn Mihalik
Roberta Zenker
Henrietta Goodman
Gwen Florio
Robert Lee
Patrick Todd
Chris Bolin with Brady Harrison
Ken White
Josh Slotnick
Gary Whited
Jesse Bier
Christine Byl
John Keeble
Sheryl Noethe with David Cates
Joanna Klink, Carl Adamshick, & Ed Skoog
Caren Beilin with Meg Day
Leah Joki
Richard Watson
Gayle Morrison
Ryan Newhouse
Doug Peacock
Ed Skoog
Carolyn Snively
Rick Bass
Andrea Wright
Amy Leah
Kate Davies and Florence Williams
Richard Manning
Justin Lawrence Daugherty and Ryan Werner with BJ Soloy, and Dear Sister Killdeer

A launch party for basalt magazine featuring readings by Henrietta Goodman, Chris Dombrowski, Ed Skoog, Keetje Kuipers, and Robert Stubblefield with basalt editors, Jodi Varon and David Axelrod.

Colin Wright
Daniela Elza, Sean Wiebe, Christi Kramer
Casey Charles
Chris Dombrowski with Melissa Mylchreest
Tommy Zurhellen with Baker Lawley
Karen Buley
Prageeta Sharma with Bridget Carson
Zan Bockes
Brad Tyer


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